What is the Forest Biometrics Research Institute?

Forest Biometrics is the science of forest (Bio) measurement (metrics).

The Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI) is a non-profit public research corporation dedicated to sustainable and scientifically based forest management.  The Forest Biometrics Research Institute is a research, development, service and education organization in the field of forest inventory, forest growth and forest planning.

What We Do

  • We have the only fully certified library of regional species quantitative parameters for site capacity, taper and volume determination, growth and mortality rates, and biomass and carbon sequestration rates and capacities
  • We provide tools and methods for quantifying forest growth while enabling forest stewards to consider the interwoven goals of timber production, wildlife protection, watershed management and alternative forest uses
  • We supply  repeatable and scientifically based approaches, factors and procedures for forest management
  • Our regional libraries are updated periodically (3 to 6 years) to assure the most accurate and current assessments of forest quantitative capacities for forest planning, sustainability and valuation assessments