2012 SAF Convention: Measuring and Mapping Forest Site Capacity

October 24, 2012 * Spokane Convention Center, Spokane, Washington

Tour Description as printed:

This hands-on field workshop will be about measuring and mapping forest site capacity across an ownership, watershed, or forest. The Forest Biometrics Research Institute has developed an effective methodology for identifying and classifying natural site growth capacity that can be applied in any region and on any tree species. This method provides a means to extrapolate site growth capacity across nonforested and heavily cut-over forest acres, provides a strong and stable productivity basis for long-term forest planning, and has shown great potential as a basis for quantifying possible shifts in growth capacity due to climate change.

Each field location will have felled sample trees for making detailed measurements and effects of differences in soil, topography, and climate between sites will be discussed. All participants will obtain complete written details on computing and using the 10-meter site index methodology on individual trees and methods of building forestwide GIS site