Fee Schedule and Agreements

When the FBRI was founded back in 2003 there were two ways a Supporting Organization could elect to participate in the Institute. An organization could either make a one-time contribution to the endowment fund or it could make annual contributions. Under both options assessments were based on a sliding scale so that large organizations contributed more than small organizations (e.g., a consulting forester with no employees). To cut to the chase, the Board has decided to eliminate the one-time contribution option. All those entities that joined the Institute under the one-time contribution option will continue to participate in the Institute without making any additional contributions. Organizations that now contribute on an annual basis will continue to do so. Any new organization that wants to participate in the Institute will make annual contributions. The following table summarizes our assessment schedule beginning January 1, 2016:

Category Annual Contribution Comment
Timberland Owner/Manager $.05/acre with a $2,500 minimum or a $40,000 maximum This category is for organizations that own timberland or have contracts to manage specific tracts of timberland on an annual basis.
Consultant $2,500 This category is for consulting foresters who do not own or manage timberland. Typically they have clients who hire them to work on a forest inventory or forest management project.

Acreage in this context means forest acres only, not range land or other non-forest acres.