Board and Staff


Ken Borchert — Bureau of Indian Affairs, NW Regional Office, Portland, Oregon

Jim McWhorter, Chairman — Terra Verde, Inc., La Center, Washington

Brian Sharer — Greenwood Resources, Portland, Oregon

Don Wales – Hancock Natural Resource Group, Vancouver, Washington

Marc Vomocil — Starker Forests, Inc., Corvallis, Oregon


James D. Arney, Ph.D., President — Forest Biometrics LLC, St. Regis, Montana (contracted)

Dan Opalach, Ph.D., Forest Biometrician – dba Opalach Forestry Consulting, Redding, California (contracted)

Richard Zabel, Business Manager — Western Forestry & Conservation, Portland, Oregon (contracted)

Brock Purvis, Technical Support – Northwest Management, Inc., Moscow, Idaho (contracted)