FBRI Position Announcement: Senior Forest Biometrician

FBRI announced Dr. Dan Opalach as the new Senior Forest Biometrician with FBRI beginning January 1, 2018.  This is a full time position with the Institute and the position reports to the FBRI President, Jim Arney.  The position announcement closed on March 11, 2017.  Dr. Opalach was introduced at the 2017 Annual FBRI Meeting on November 14 at the Portland DoubleTree Hotel.

Dan has 28 years of experience in forest biometrics, management and academia.  He is a true advocate for advancing the forestry profession.  Dan strongly believes in the mission of FBRI.  He has demonstrated his enthusiasm, knowledge and experience while serving as the FBRI Board Chairman in recent years.  He has demonstrated a strong desire to communicate and enhance the FBRI mission.

Meet the FBRI Technical Support Staff: Brock Purvis

FBRI Technical Support - Brock PurvisThe Forest Biometrics Research Institute has partnered with Northwest Management, Inc (NMI) to provide technical support services. Within this partnership, Brock acts as the Technical Service Provider and Inventory Forester for FBRI’s FPS software. NMI has been involved with Dr. James Arney of Forest Biometrics and the Forest Biometrics Research Institute since he began these endeavors and has used all of the versions of FPS over the years.  Currently NMI is utilizing FPS Version 7.45.

Brock has worked for NMI for over 12 years and is currently serving as the Inventory Manager. Within this role Brock is responsible for the administration, development, implementation and quality assurance of forest inventory projects for Northwest Management Inc. He has considerable experience in forest inventory sampling design to characterize the forest vegetation in an efficient and statistically reliable manner. He has extensive experience in vegetation mapping, utilizing aerial photography and ground truthing techniques. Mr. Purvis holds a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management from Oregon State University.