Forestry Methodologies

Forester’s Forum presentations – February 2018

History and Evolution of Inventory Techniques – Jim Arney This presentation takes us from traditional ownership-wide  CFI plot grids to stand-based inventory techniques.  Early cruising methods were all about acquiring a reliable standing volume estimate.  Targeted forest structures are no longer a simple, single-species, even-aged stand.  Current stand structures are multi-species, multi-aged and spatially variable.  … Continue reading Forester’s Forum presentations – February 2018

Notes – On the Variation in Inventory Estimates

Presentation before the 2016 Redwood Science Symposium regarding field inventory methods and the impact of cruise designs.  Author:  Dan Opalach, Biometric Support Opalach On the Variation of Inventory Estimates

Notes – Technical Note on Cruise Designs

Short discussion on the evolution in the objectives for field cruises and the impact on the design of the field sampling techniques.  Author:  Jim Arney, Biometric Support Technical-Note-on-Cruise-Designs

Notes – Field Inventory Precision

Short discussion regarding the precision necessary to record Dbh in field cruise designs and the associated precision in recording taper measurements.  Author:  Jim Arney, Biometrics Support Field Inventory Precision

Notes – Question about Taper

Short discussion about the precision of measuring taper in a field cruise.  Author:  Jim Arney, Biometric Support Question about Taper

Notes – Field Inventory Height Regression

Short discussion about FPS Cruise Compiler methods of using field-measured heights to estimate un-measured heights.  Author:  Jim Arney, Biometric Support Field Inventory Height Regression

What is 10-meter Site Index?

Foresters have traditionally used total tree height at a fixed index age to classify the forest productivity at any given location (soil, topography and climate).  While useful in the 1930 – 1980 years, researchers such as Boris Zeide (1978) recognized that all trees of a species do not follow a single growth form (by site … Continue reading What is 10-meter Site Index?

Question: Does Stand Clumpiness have an Effect on Total Yield?

The chart below is a display of 16,669 cruised stands from multiple forest ownerships in multiple western States.  The standing cubic foot volume is charted by stand top height to remove any concern about age or site class differences. Average volumes by top height class (60, 90, 120 and 150-feet) are summarized by clumpiness index … Continue reading Question: Does Stand Clumpiness have an Effect on Total Yield?

FPS Localization by SiteGrid and CASH Card

This two-day workshop will demonstrate and prescribe the steps to localize these growth dynamics for both micro-site (silviculture) and macro-site (yield capacity).

Principal Components of Forest Inventory

“What is really required, but only marginally understood.” April 25-27, 2016 Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound, WA Instructors: Jim Arney and Brock Purvis, Forest Biometrics Research Institute Determining forest growth capacity, harvest capacity and making investment decisions are all reduced to guesswork without a strong, well-maintained and dynamic forest inventory.  The essential components, methods and … Continue reading Principal Components of Forest Inventory