Forestry Methodologies

2014: IUFRO- CIF – SAF

The FBRI is actively participating in the 2014 IUFRO- CIF – SAF International Convention in Salt Lake City on October 6 – 11, 2014. Come to visit us in the Exhibit Hall, Booth #1007. Three of our FBRI Directors will be on site. The FBRI will be presenting three papers at the convention. Session Title: Implementation … Continue reading 2014: IUFRO- CIF – SAF

Technical Note on Cruise Designs

Technical Note on Cruise Designs – June 10, 2015 Forest Biometrics Research Institute – James D. Arney, PhD Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) – Version 7.43 Variable-plot cruise designs became popular in the early 1970s replacing fixed-area and strip-plot designs as most efficient in the field.  Most silvicultural regimes were based on clearcuts and … Continue reading Technical Note on Cruise Designs