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Software Update: FPS Regional Library 2016

Research updates from 2014 - 2015 in species-specific site, taper and growth dynamics will be released as the updated FPS Regional Species Library in January 2016.  This update will be distributed to all FBRI contributing organizations.  It will only function within an FPS Version 7.50 platform.

July 7 FPS Software Update

In recent months we have been attempting to incorporate requests from FPS users to match their desired forestry applications. We have also upgraded FPS software tools where errors or bugs were identified. Most significant were multiple requests to allow full transfer of cruised stand records from the PLOTS table to the DBHCLS table when compiled.

Comparison of Software Suites

The Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI) gets frequent inquiries about the similarities and differences between the FPS software suite and other software tools available or known in the forest industry.  This has become such a significant and repeated topic that a handout was developed for the 2014 International Conference of the Society of American Foresters (SAF), Canadian … Continue reading Comparison of Software Suites

The FPS Software License Agreement

The Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) is provided by the Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI) as a site license to one identified forestry office.  The contact person in that office will be the sole recipient of all future updates and enhancements to the FPS software and Regional Species Libraries.  The software may be installed on … Continue reading The FPS Software License Agreement

FPS Cruise Compiler – Update History

Each of the FPS software components are tested and updated on an annual basis or as soon as a problem is identified and verified.  The Cruise Compiler comes under intense scrutiny on a regular basis due to its use in all kinds of stand structures and field sample designs.  The following PDF provides an abstract … Continue reading FPS Cruise Compiler – Update History

Frequently Asked Questions about FPS – Cruise Compiling

The FPS Cruise Compiler is unique in forestry.  It will handle all stand structures and variations of sub-sampling of tree parameters.  The following PDF provides some insight into these attributes of FPS. FAQ FPS Cruise Compiling and Site

Verifying FPS V7.44 Installation

After installing FPS onto your computer, follow the simple steps in the following PDF file to verify that all components of the software and databases are properly installed… Verifying FPS 7.44 Installation

Technical Note on Cruise Designs

Technical Note on Cruise Designs – June 10, 2015 Forest Biometrics Research Institute – James D. Arney, PhD Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) – Version 7.43 Variable-plot cruise designs became popular in the early 1970s replacing fixed-area and strip-plot designs as most efficient in the field.  Most silvicultural regimes were based on clearcuts and … Continue reading Technical Note on Cruise Designs

Environmental Variables – Your System Settings

The Environment Variables Originally the Environment Variables were established as part of the standard FPS Installation from a CD-ROM. However, in many organizations the Information Technology (IT) department staff has locked down unknown combinations of functionality on the Forester’s computer. Often the Forester is not even aware of these changes. This makes installation of any … Continue reading Environmental Variables – Your System Settings