Environmental Variables – Your System Settings

The Environment Variables

Originally the Environment Variables were established as part of the standard FPS Installation from a CD-ROM. However, in many organizations the Information Technology (IT) department staff has locked down unknown combinations of functionality on the Forester’s computer. Often the Forester is not even aware of these changes. This makes installation of any software require participation by the IT department staff.

The Environment Variables simply provide a link between the single FPS executable folder and any drive and folder combination where the Forester may have decided to maintain the forest inventory databases. There may be many drives, folders and databases being managed by the Forester at any given time. This is normal and expected.

The Environment Variables are found in the Control Panel under “System”. Click on “Advanced System Settings” to get the following dialog form. Note the “Environment Variables” button at the bottom of the form. Click it once.


The Environment Variables dialog will pop up next. It will display “User” variables and “System” variables. There will be two “System” variables to be added at this time. These are as follows if the FPS software is installed on the c:\ drive. If the drive is different simply insert that drive letter in place of “c”.


Variable Value
Fp7Path C:\Fp7
Fp7Data C:\Fp7\Data


When finished the Environment Variables dialog should include two new variables as shown in the “System variables” below the blue highlighted line.

Click “OK” at each dialog form to exit this update. This is only necessary once.

Upon purchasing a new computer, these Environment Variables will have to be re-established for full FPS functionality. If not properly set prior to opening an FPS Access database, the following form will pop up alerting to the fact that the Environment Variables are not found. Simply click the “End” button and go to the Control Panel.