Forester’s Forum presentations – February 2018

History and Evolution of Inventory Techniques – Jim Arney

This presentation takes us from traditional ownership-wide  CFI plot grids to stand-based inventory techniques.  Early cruising methods were all about acquiring a reliable standing volume estimate.  Targeted forest structures are no longer a simple, single-species, even-aged stand.  Current stand structures are multi-species, multi-aged and spatially variable.  Forest management planning requires the ability to grow each stand forward in time under alternative silvicultural assumptions.  This has major impacts on stand delineation, sample plot intensity, sub-sampling frequencies for height, taper and defect, an on field measurement precision required.  This presentation will bring us up-to-date on current technologies.  Forest Inventory Methods

Estimation of Site Index Across the Forested Landscape – Jim Arney

This presentation starts with traditional site index based on height at a fixed age (typically height at 50 years breast height age).  Significant in the application of these traditional methods is an implicit assumption that silvicultural practices do not change through time or across ownerships.  In fact, nursery stock and early plantation silviculture have had an immense impact on observed height growth.  Felled-tree studies have also demonstrated that influences in growing season days, rooting depth and available moisture change the shape of the height/age trends across an ownership.  All of these factors result in differential growth capacity and culmination of mean annual increment depending on the stand location across the landscape.  FBRI 10mSite 2017_Trees