Software Update: FPS Regional Library 2016

Research updates from 2014 – 2015 in species-specific site, taper and growth dynamics will be released as the updated FPS Regional Species Library in January 2016.  This update will be distributed to all FBRI contributing organizations.  It will only function within an FPS Version 7.50 platform.

Complete documentation of the research database, analytical results and comparisons to past Libraries will be included.  These comparisons will also display differences and similarities to yields from other non-FBRI growth models.

FPS Version 7.50 will also become available in January 2016, along with the updated FPS Regional Species Library.  Version 7.50 uses the same v7.44 architecture with the addition of an FBRI-Key code requirement.  Earlier versions of FPS will not be able to access the full 2016 Regional Species Library.

FPS Version 7.50 without an FBRI-Key code will perform the full suite of inventory, growth, GIS, and planning functions.  However, the output results are a fraction of species capacity and are intended for demo-mode activities and university classroom exercises.  There will be no cost to obtain this demo-mode software package in order to encourage under-graduate forestry educational institutions to take advantage of this opportunity.

FBRI management distributed User ID codes to all contributing organizations prior to year-end 2015.  The full FBRI-Key code is made up of 12 digits in three blocks (xxxx-yyyy-zzzz).  The xxxx block is the User ID number.  The full Key code will serve three purposes: 1) FBRI-Key (12-digit) activates the 2016 FPS Regional Species Library; 2) User ID (4-digit) uniquely identifies each contributing organization; and, 3) User ID (4-digit) is required when contacting FBRI Technical Support for assistance, on-site visits, and access to the full suite of FBRI Services.

Each organization will receive their full 12-digit FBRI-Key code along with the release of the 2016 Regional Species Library.  Everyone will be notified as soon as it is ready for release.