July 7 FPS Software Update

If you are running any version of FPS 7, then please download and install this update… https://fbri.sharefile.com/d-s5d974f4bfa64049a In recent months we have been attempting to incorporate requests from FPS users to match their desired forestry applications. We have also upgraded FPS software tools where errors or bugs were identified.

Most significant were multiple requests to allow full transfer of cruised stand records from the PLOTS table to the DBHCLS
table when compiled. This was provided in recent ShareFile downloads. However, direct transfer of all observed trees from PLOTS to DBHCLS caused unexpected consequences. Many of you reported problems along with sample databases.

These sample databases clarified the situation immediately… The occurrence of species without height samples and combinations of min-max Dbh/Height ratios were much more frequent and extreme than anticipated. The FPS Growth Model, Expansion, Re-merchandizer and GIS Lump/Split software tools were not structured to handle this range of conditions.

Previously, the Cruise Compiler caught irregular observations. The range of Dbh/Height ratios are well beyond anything found in 3 million tree measurements of our permanent plot research databases for any species. However, FPS will now allow these field observations to flow through the software tools. Some of these Dbh/Height ratios must be trees with broken tops, but not coded on input as such.

In some cases, a forester had carried forward only a subset of plots from an original cruise. These subsets did not contain sufficient height observations on their own to provide reliable results for compiling or growing in FPS. Look at your
data closely.

To get ahead of these kinds of issues, FBRI will be scheduling additional workshops in the near future. We will also be producing instructional video clips of significant technical issues which seem to re-appear too frequently.

Thanks for your patience and continued support and feedback. As an involved team, you only make our products and services better.