FPS Localization by SiteGrid and CASH Card

June 7-8, 2016
CH2M Hill Alumni Center, Corvallis, OR

How to Localize FPS Growth & Yield Capacities on Your Forest
Localizing (Calibrating) the Forest Projection & Planning System (FPS) for site growth capacity, taper profiles and impact of early silvicultural effects.

SiteGrid PowerPoint

FPS Cash Card Method

This two-day workshop demonstrated and prescribed the steps to localize these growth dynamics for both micro-site (silviculture) and macro-site (yield capacity).  These two independent effects have traditionally been imbedded into singular height/age site index curves.  The FBRI-FPS SiteGrid technology was explained, demonstrated and applied in both field and office procedures for separating these effects.  The FPS Growth Model architecture was designed and implemented to facilitate these localization techniques.

Early growth capacity of stands is determined by macro-site capacity, species shade tolerance and the kind of micro-site management invoked (clearcut, seed-tree, shelterwood or single-tree selection.  Traditional height-age monotonic site curves do not adjust to local macro or micro-site dynamics specific to each forest owner.  Determination of precise forecasts of growth, volume and value is highly dependent on the ability to incorporate these dynamics into growth model projections.

One-half of the first day was in the field participating in 10-meter site tree measurements and early silviculture CASH Card measurements.  The second day provided classroom instruction on forest land stratification and sampling methods to achieve a working forest localization across a forest ownership.

10mSite Felled Tree

Participants gained direct insight in methods using non-parametric sampling designs for sample locations, determination of silvicultural regeneration capacities and smoothing techniques for site grid extrapolation across large landscapes (ownerships).  All of this is new research and development unique to FBRI.

Selecting Site Trees
Selecting and Measuring 10-meter Site Trees
From left: Jim Arney, Roy Bever, Zach Haas, Andrew Puerini, Jeff Kuust, Kevin Oliphant, Lysbeth Ackerman, Ron Kummer, Brian Sharer, Brock Purvis, Ken Borchert, Jesse Saunders, Tim Drake, Matt Fehrenbacher, Tyler Hamilton, Fred Pfund, Chris Quirmbach, Vaiden Bloch; In front: David Stephens, Chuck Vopicka, Richard Zabel.