Forest Biometrics Research Institute

Forest Biometrics Research Institute

The Science of Forest Measurement

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E-Forester Article
The Evolution of Forest Inventory (A Comparison of Satellite, Lidar, and Traditional Forest Inventory Methods)

The newly available methods of using satellites and lidar to inventory your forest may upend nearly two centuries’ of building forest inventories thru traditional plots and cruising.

What is Forest Biometrics?

Forest Biometrics is the science of forest (Bio) measurement (metrics).  It encompasses the quantification of characteristics of trees and vegetation, insects, disease, wildlife, topography, soils, and climate.
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What is Forest Projection System (FPS) software?

The Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) can help you to analyze your forest inventory, grow your inventory, determine sustained yield, and calculate financial return.
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What is the Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI)?

The Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI) is a non-profit public research corporation dedicated to sustainable and scientifically based forest management.
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Technical Support
Contact Tech Support at (971) 940-2409 or by using the Contact Us page for help with your FPS software.
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