Board and Staff


Ken Borchert — Bureau of Indian Affairs, NW Regional Office, Portland, Oregon

Jim McWhorter, Chairman — Terra Verde, Inc., La Center, Washington

Brian Sharer  Finite Carbon, Inc., Portland, Oregon

Don Wales Hancock Natural Resource Group, Vancouver, Washington

Marc Vomocil — Starker Forests, Inc., Corvallis, Oregon


James D. Arney, Ph.D., President — Forest Biometrics LLC, St. Regis, Montana (contracted)

Dan Opalach, Ph.D., Forest Biometrician – dba Opalach Forestry Consulting, Redding, California (contracted)

Richard Zabel, Business Manager — Western Forestry & Conservation, Portland, Oregon (contracted)

Brock Purvis, Technical Support – Northwest Management, Inc., Moscow, Idaho (contracted)

Background on President James D. Arney

Dr. James D. Arney brings over fifty years of forest biometrics industrial experience touching every aspect of inventory design, growth & yield, and harvest planning in six western States and three Canadian Provinces.  He has designed  in-place inventory systems, calibrated yield models for over twenty (20) tree species, developed site index curves, taper models, managed GIS systems and staff, developed hydrographic, soil and wildlife databases and prepared and presented sustained yield plans for public and private organizations through the western North America.  He has developed silvicultural regimes and forest management plans for almost every major species and forest type found in the American Northwest.

Dr. Arney is the only forest biometrician who has designed and built four separate and unique computerized forest growth models (PhD. Dissertation distant-dependent whole tree (1969), USFS-Weyerhaeuser distant-dependent (1975), SPS distant-independent (1981), and FPS distant-dependent (1995)).  Both SPS and FPS have been distributed world-wide and represent the most-used, integrated forest management tool set for forest inventory and silvicultural planning on “working forests” in the western United States.