Forest Inventory and Planning

The Forester’s Guidebook for Managing Working Forests

This guidebook has been 20 years in building.  It has been regularly distributed as a hard copy 328 page textbook along with the Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) software.  The FBRI has now made this guidebook a free download from this site (and from FPS Forester’s Guidebook This guidebook provides methods, sequences of … Continue reading The Forester’s Guidebook for Managing Working Forests

Comparison of Software Suites

The Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI) gets frequent inquiries about the similarities and differences between the FPS software suite and other software tools available or known in the forest industry.  This has become such a significant and repeated topic that a handout was developed for the 2014 International Conference of the Society of American Foresters (SAF), Canadian … Continue reading Comparison of Software Suites