FPS On-Site Visits

As part of the ongoing contributing organization support (funds, databases, cooperative projects, etc.), the FBRI provides annual on-site visits to each organization making a request. The only cost to the requesting organization is travel and hotel expenses for FBRI staff. There are no additional fees.

The objectives of this service include:

  • Review and verify proper installation and function of FBRI-provided software and databases. This is primarily the Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) software as installed on local computers.
  • Review and verify proper use of FPS Regional Libraries. This includes any questions about bias and precision in site, taper and growth comparisons to actual observations.
  • Review and verify that local procedures are compatible with FPS methods, tools and database structures.
  • Participate in local proprietary discussions with senior management personnel with respect to confidence associated with using FPS methods and tools in internal decision-support functions.
  • Take technical notes for contribution to future FBRI planning of software, documentation and workshop details which may facilitate all organizations in future.