Click here to download FPS version 7.57. (OneDrive folder)

  • All downloaded FPS versions open in demo mode with FPS operating at approximately 80% functionality.
  • A member activation key is needed for full functionality.
  • Microsoft Access is needed to operate FPS.

Additional PDF to download 

FBRI is recommending that FPS users run this procedure after compiling new timber cruise data.  This macro will find and fix volume discrepancies between the STAND table and DBHCLS table. Under normal circumstances the FPS Version 7.5×1 Cruise Compiler will process timber cruise data for a given stand and populate the STAND table with volume figures that are equal to the sum of the corresponding DBHCLS table entries for that stand. Unfortunately, there are situations where the compiler fails to include all the volume for a given stand in the STAND table, but the DBHCLS table is populated correctly. This PDF (FPS Volume Table Health Check_2021-09-07.pdf) can be found by using the download link above.

If you are having trouble accessing the FPS download from the link above please send us a note using the contact form below and we’ll send you an alternate link.