Upcoming Workshop

Using FPS for Harvest Scheduling and Long-term Silvicultural Planning
Oct. 19-20, 2022 Portland, OR

The Forest Biometric Research Institute will hold an in-person 2-day FPS planning workshop on October 19-20, 2022 at the Double Tree Hotel in Portland, OR. This session will provide hands-on instruction on using FPS for harvest scheduling and long-term silvicultural planning. Each participant will come away with a thorough understanding of using FPS to develop long-term forest management operational plans through step-by-step instruction and class exercises.

The workshop will emphasize the importance of FPS harvest scheduling when combined with inventory and silvicultural methods, alternative silvicultural regimes, site productivity, and regeneration. Detailed examples in FPS will identify impacts of stand versus forest-wide optimization strategies. Each attendee will be provided with a laptop for instructional purposes, but attendees are also welcome to bring their own laptop and databases for one-on-one consultation with FBRI staff.

The instructors are: Dan Opalach, FBRI President and Senior Forest Biometrician and Brock Purvis, FBRI technical support. The registration fee is $645 for FBRI members and $850 for non-members. The DoubleTree is located at 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232 (503) 281-6111.

Click here to visit the event page and/or to register.

New FPS Training Videos

Next FPS User Group Meeting (BUGS)

FBRI is inviting interested participants to join Brock’s User Group hosted by Brock Purvis (Technical Support) on June 21, 2022 from 9:00 – 10:00am PST.  No registration is necessary.  The Zoom link will be sent to all FBRI members or Click here to sign up for FPS User Group notifications.

Brock’s User Group or “BUGS” is intended to provide a platform in which the FPS community can share and obtain information regarding the implementation, limitations, successes, and questions surrounding the day-to-day use of FPS. This is intended to be an interactive process with the expectation that interested participants will be prepared to communicate difficulties encountered as well as solutions developed in their user experience within a supportive network of FPS users.

The featured topic for the June 21 session will be the linkage between ESRI’s ArcPro and FPS, which was a significant talking point in the last BUGS discussion. Additionally, the June session will include time to seek input from the participants on what issues/difficulties they are currently facing, if any participant has encountered the same issue and what steps were taken to work through the process. Participants will also be asked for ideas regarding additional FPS documentation including written, training webinars, and instructional videos.

All user group meetings will be recorded, and a copy of the meeting placed on https://fbrinstitute.org/home-page/brocks-user-group-bugs/ for those who might not be able to attend.

If you have any questions about BUGS, please contact Brock Purvis at 406-541-0054 or use the contact form and select technical support.

Site Visits

FBRI is once again offering onsite visits to FBRI member offices.  Dan Opalach, President/Biometrician, and Brock Purvis, FPS Technical Support, will come to your office for in-depth consultations on any aspect of FPS and its use.  FBRI members are only required to cover their travel expenses.  Site visits are 1 to 2 days in length, depending on need, and are open to anyone employed by the member company.  The agenda for a site visit is completely at the discretion of the member company and may cover any topic related to FPS including forest inventory, site productivity estimation, growth & yield, silvicultural planning, and harvest scheduling.

If you are interested in scheduling a site visit, send your request to Richard Zabel along with the location, length of visit, and a preferred two week window for scheduling purposes.  Site visits are only open to FBRI members in good standing and endowment organizations.

Video: Jim Arney’s Legacy 

Jim Arney was the President of the Institute and the sole developer and guiding visionary for the Forest Projection System or FPS software.  He dedicated 30 years of his career to writing a growth and yield model to help foresters make decisions about their forest resources. For Jim FPS was the culmination of a lifetime of work, a lifetime of professional commitment, and a lifetime of friendships. Jim passed away in June 2021 and all of us at FBRI miss him tremendously.  He was our leader, our mentor, and most importantly, our friend.  This video is a dedication to a pillar within the forestry community.

Click here to view the Jim Arney Legacy Video (on Vimeo).