Webinar – Installing FPS on Windows

Software Needed

  1.  Any version of Windows
  2. Microsoft Access

The Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) runs within a Microsoft Access database on a Microsoft Windows operating system. The operating system and database may be any version of Microsoft.

All functionality of FPS is provided through the FPS-Menu Bar containing a full array of drop-down functions. Many of these menu-items invoke executable routines such as the Cruise Compiler, Growth Model and Harvest Scheduler.

The FPS Executable Routines are installed into a uniquely identified folder which may be on any local hard drive or network drive. The identity of this folder is “c:\Fp7” in the case that this folder was established on the c:\ drive. Local drives provide quickest response.

FPS also uses a default sub-folder under \Fp7 to capture outputs, error messages, various reports and impromptu system messages. This sub-folder is uniquely named “c:\Fp7\Data”. This folder and sub-folder are required for proper installation of FPS.

The FPS Access database may reside on any drive and in any folder on that drive. Local drives far outperform network drives for response time when volume of network traffic comes into question.

Full functionality and ability to download periodic software updates requires the one-time execution of FPS Registration on each computer where FPS is installed. Among the array of FPS Executable Routines copied to the \Fp7 folder from the FPS Installation CD-ROM is one identified as “Fp7Post.exe”. Within Windows Explorer simply double-click this routine to finish this installation.

Fill in the three boxes and then click the “Register” button to finalize this installation.

If you have difficulty running FPS utilities, then your computer settings may have blocked execution.  The Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a usual cause where Users are not allowed to read/write these records.  With Administrative privileges follow this video.