Senior Forest Biometrician: Dr. Dan Opalach

Dr. Dan Opalach is Senior Forest Biometrician with Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI) and Lecturer at Shasta College in Redding, California, where he teaches silviculture, fire ecology, and forest protection.  Prior to these endeavors Dr. Opalach spent the first 28 years of his career working for Green Diamond Resource Company on the North Coast of California developing forest inventories, silvicultural prescriptions, and management plans for their 2nd and 3rd growth redwood and Douglas-fir stands.

Dr. Opalach is passionate about all aspects of forest mensuration.  Direct measurements of trees, sampling, and forest growth & yield are topics that he has studied and utilized for decades.  In 2016 and 2017, Dan had the pleasure to teach this material to upper division forestry students at Humboldt State University.  Teaching forest mensuration enhanced his understanding of the underlying scientific foundations of this critically important subject area.

Going forward Dr. Opalach will work closely with Dr. Arney to assist timberland owners utilize the full power of the Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS).  Dr. Opalach relied on FPS for over 10 years while working at Green Diamond and is an enthusiastic supporter and user of the program.  FPS is unique in that it can be localized to a specific timberland property using Dr. Arney’s 10m site technology.  Dan is looking forward to helping timberland owners adopt this technology, so they can better understand the productive capacity of their forest lands and develop management plans to maximize the value of their properties.